Don't Trust Your Own Editing or Book Formatting Skills...or Your Mom's? 

At C. J. Anaya Publishing we take over the tedious and time-consuming task of prepping your book for publication, providing you a high quality product that meets Amazon's stringent publishing guidelines.
Need an Experienced Editor and Formatter You Can Trust?
Work With Me To Supercharge Your Success
If you've finished writing your book, and you're ready to see it sparkle and shine, let's work together to make it happen. My team and I can assist you in identifying those pesky typos, grammar mishaps, and content blunders that are so often overlooked. 

Worried about layout? We'll do it for you!

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Let's see if we're a good fit. Fill out the application and let us know which services your book needs.
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I'll contact you once I've gone over your application, and we can discuss your outstanding book project in more detail!
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If we're a good fit, we'll get started on your project right away.  You'll be publishing your book in no time.
Here's What My Clients Are Saying
"CJ gives the best edits. Why? Because she’s fully honest while always encouraging. She can see instantly how to fix a story and communicate it in a way that helps a writer take a book to the next level—or the next. I never publish without checking with CJ first. Highly recommend!"
Swoony Award winning romance author of the Legally In Love Series
Jennifer Griffith
"This is the second book that CJ has worked on for me. She catches the small mistakes and has good suggestions for the bigger ones. She finds ways to make my writing better and the story stronger, without making me feel inadequate. I highly recommend her."
Paranormal romance author of the Magic & Monsters Series
Emily Michel
"CJ was wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with her again. She gave me some great ideas and got my mind churning with new material to beef up my current MS. Great job!"
Fiction author of Cars, Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet
K.C. Hilton
"CJ hopped right in and was ready to assist me with my project. Everything that I asked her for she delivered and more. Overall, she will go above and beyond to execute what you are asking. Thank you, CJ."
Self-help and inspirational author of I've Already Made It
Lalonie Stone
"CJ is fantastic. She's insightful, helpful, goal-oriented, and focused. She also brings much-needed expertise from being in the field herself. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with publishing, writing, or anything related."
Nonfiction author of Healing From Asthma
Jonathan Wichmann
"I really needed a developmental edit and that's what CJ did for me. She was honest and helpful and I appreciate all her insights. She was willing to take phone calls and questions even after the contract had ended. I really appreciate her going above and beyond."
Scifi romance author of the Unexpected Hostage Series
Layla Stone
Do you want us to edit/format your manuscript so you can finally get it published?
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
After several years of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books, I know exactly how to streamline the process of prepping a book for publication. Making a living as an author has given me the opportunity to help others achieve that same goal. It's a very rewarding experience.
  • USA Today Bestselling Author: and multi-award winning author in YA Romance and General Romance
  • Author of 2 bestselling series: The Healer and Paranormal Misfits; over 500,000 copies sold
  • Editor, Writing Coach, and Publisher: Need edits? My team and I have you covered. We do developmental, line/content, and copy edits as well as proofreading.
  • Book formatter: specializing in kindle publishing; file formats include mobi, pdf, word, and epub
  • Book marketer: specializing in Amazon and BookBub ads
  • Speaks at world class events: teaching workshops on writing, editing, and publishing
  • Founder of YouTube channel Author Journey: where I offer valuable tutorials on all things writing, publishing, and marketing
  • Networker: member of the American Night Writers Association, Online Business Mastery Mastermind, 20booksto50k, and the Editorial Freelancers Association
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
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  • Helped thousands of people double their income: across multiple industries around the world
  • Author of 4 bestselling books: sold over 60,000 copies 
  • Speaks at world class events: awarded speaker of the year in 2017
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